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Luthien Bedwyr from the cover of The Sword of Bedwyr

Luthien Bedwyr is the main protagonist of The Crimson Shadow trilogy. The youngest son of the Eorl of Bedwydrin, Gahris Bedwyr, and brother to Ethan Bedwyr. He lived his life in ignorance to the evils of King Greensparrow, spending his days training to fight in the arena.

He eventually is forced to flee when he takes revenge on the cyclops who unjustly killed his friend, Garth Rogar. Luthien eventually meets up with Oliver deBurrows on the road, and they begin to travel together. Through a series of events perpetuated by the wizard Brind'Amour, Luthien and Oliver find themselves in the city of Montfort, where Luthien soon begins to take on the title of the Crimson Shadow.

Luthien originally wields a nondescript sword and bow, which are eventually replaced by the sword Blind Striker (a family heirloom), and a folding bow.

Through the course of his adventures he meets, and becomes the lover of the half-elf maiden, Siobhan. Things between them do not work out, but they remain friends. He later meets the love of his life, Katerin O'Hale. She is green-eyed red-haired human female from the village of Hale, which is on Isle Bedwydrin.